Western Parklands Amenities

The design responds to the need for a high degree of adaptability, creating a family of structures that can be deployed anywhere inside Parramatta Park and respond to varying, site-specific conditions. 

Employing a simple yet adaptable modular construction system the structures accommodate nuance without requiring intensive redesign for each situation. This allows each structure to respond to the particularities of any given situation be it programmatic or contextual. The design responds comfortably to contextual cues such as the turn of a path or the unique spatial quality of the given part of the landscape as well as programmatic conditions that can range from providing a simple shelter amongst the trees to accommodating a local sporting event. 

A key element of the initial concept design is a coloured and layered 'veil'. Executed with ropes woven round a steel structure, this veil creates a shared identity between the new structures and a consistent and distinct language to clearly delineate heritage items from new additions.

The veil samples colours from the surrounding Cumberland Plain trees, allowing them to comfortably nestle within the backdrop of tree canopies without detracting from the character of the park. In doing so the structures serve to de-clutter the landscape, allowing the story of the place to reveal itself unhindered.

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Project Status: Winning Design, In Progress
Project Role: Lead Designer, Project Coordination
Project Directors: John Choi, Steven Fighera
Project Year: 2013 - Ongoing