Design Tutor, Architectural Design 
UTS School of Architecture


Extracts from written student feedback:

"Albert’s guidance and mentorship throughout this semester was both challenging and extremely rewarding. My success throughout this semester was a testament to his ability to be brutally honest, yet entirely fair and sympathetic. He pushes student’s to their absolute maximum potential whilst employing reason and consideration in working with individuals who are obviously still ‘learning the ropes’ in a profession which is plagued with criticism."

"He taught us to always think outside the square but to always control the project and not let it control you, to think of one thing and forget the irrelevant things. He always guided us to develop non-conventional ways of design and representation. Although the work load was heavy, it’s funny because I enjoyed it, and he kept us on our toes. I always looked forward to showing him my work the following week."

"his teaching methods are unique and challenging pushing students to question the way they have been learning and allowing them to become self motivated and successful designers"

"He provides a contemporary and fast-paced learning environment and embeds his strong work ethic into each of his students. He shows patience and creativity, leaving his students with the confidence to not only complete, but to go above and beyond the required deliverables."

 "He opened up my eyes to see the real beauty and essence of what it meant to become an architect. His work ethics and character has always been inspiring. The way he teaches us shows so much enthusiasm and it is without a doubt that his passion in this field has shone through the way he teaches his students. The learning environment he has created for us meant that we are encouraged to learn from our peers and in that way develop skills needed for self evaluation and critique of our own work."

"Alberto’s attention to detail, ability to foster conceptual creativity, and genuine desire to see a project reach its full potential were traits unmatched by any tutor I’ve ever come across. His personal design approach seems to be filled with rigour and a tireless labour initiated by the desire to see ideas develop into forms. He provided patience and clarity and an endless amount of concise, thought-provoking guidance. I can honestly say that after a semester under his tutorage, I personally excelled as an architecture student and was really impressed by the work I’d been able to produce."