Curated by Tomek Archer, Toby Breakspear and Alberto Quizon 

"Unlike so many other prominent Australian architects, Durbach, Candalepas, Zulaikha and Goodwin are all self-made men. While their experience as young architects was diverse, they shared common influences (James Stirling, Louis Kahn, Le Corbusier) and mentors (Col Madigan). Set up as a temporary exhibition within the Kensington Street Warehouse – itself a temporary site designated for imminent redevelopment – RE:PRESENT simultaneously showcased alternate stepping stones to success, while reminding young architects of the pleasures and productivity to be found in time, space, and freedom of thought, even amidst the uncertainty and hunger of a recession." 
David Neustein, Article on Australian Design Review

RE:present is a retrospective exhibition curated around a series of formative projects by some of the most respected practitioners operating within Sydney’s architectural culture. Each architect was asked to re-present one or more past projects that in some way set the trajectories of their now well admired careers. Located within the raw warehouse space of 50 Kensington St, the exhibition invites its audience into a dialogue between generations around the context of past projects of enduring relevance and potency.

Richard Goodwin (Richard Goodwin)
Brian Zulaikha (Tonkin Zulaikha Greer Architects)
Angelo Candalepas (Candalepas Associates)
Neil Durbach (Durbach Block Jaggers)

Photography by Kasia Werstak