Lodge on the Lake
Alberto QuizonRegan Ching

This proposal embodies a tension between intervention and non-intervention, between the tamed and untamed.

An existing dirt path follows the lake foreshore, hidden under a canopy of trees along the edge of the promontory. This winding path offers moments of beauty as the lake is revealed in full. To take this path away from the public would be a loss.

Attunga House retains this foreshore walk, leaving this vital part of the landscape untouched and available to the people. A gabion wall composed of broken recycled red bricks surrounds the residence, enclosing its newly defined boundary.

The wall creates a new perimeter, claiming only what needs to be claimed. The security and privacy the wall provides allows the spaces within to open up. As landscape and building merge, one infiltrates into the other. Spaces become defined by the overlap of landscape and roofscape.

Concrete blades form the gable roof. Under this unifying gesture the house buries itself in the land providing light and private courtyards to the bedrooms below while borrowing the land’s thermal mass to regulate internal temperatures.

A raised burnt timber walkway unifies the interior and exterior spaces and terminates deep within the untamed bushland. A lone Xanthorrhoea plant at the end of the walkway offers a point of reflection, a final moment of decision.