27 Smith Street
Competition Winner & People's Choice Award, Sydney Living Museum
Alberto Quizon, Jerome Cateux


The Ribbon House responds to the prevailing suburban condition through a reinterpretation of the common suburban fence.  

Rather than acting as a marker of territory, what if the fence was reconceived as a device that intensifies the appealing qualities of a typical suburban home such as family autonomy, security, privacy and a connection to nature? 

A bricolage ribbon wall wraps the house with an undulating and ever changing brick surface. The wall is formed by a combination of recycled, new and bespoke bricks. This ribbon wall defines small courtyards and play spaces that surround the house allowing private spaces of the house to maintain a constant connection to the outdoors without compromising privacy or security. Behind the ribbon stand 3 cavity brick pavilions linked by an indoor/outdoor platform that accommodates the house's shared functions such as the kitchen, living and dining rooms.

Offsetting the fence line well within the boundary also creates the potential for a new in-between space - a kind of privately owned public space. New common spaces, play spaces, shared micro farms, dog paths and community gardens proliferate through the suburban fabric creating a network of green spaces occupied by an ecology of local fauna and flora and activated by neighbouring interests. 

The Ribbon House represents a return to the original garden suburb ideals with the possibility for greater human connection with our neighbours.